Jointing techniques

Jointing techniques

Click on the buttons to find more information on the jointing techniques the Wefatherm components can be jointed with:

Socket welding - manual
Socket welding - mechanical
Weld-in-saddle welding
Electrofusion welding
Flange jointing

Always take in account the general health and safety regulations.

Health and safety regulations

There is always a certain risk of injury when operating with plastic pipe welding machines. Observation of the following accident prevention regulations reduces this danger to a minimum. Non-observation of them can lead to accidents!

1. Dirty and untidy workplaces increase the chancesfor accidents.
2. Ambient surroundings:
Protect electrical tools from rain and drips. Do not use them in wet or moist rooms. Keep onlookers and visitors away from the places where welding is carried out (safety distance).
3. Storage:
Store machines and devices under dry conditions and secured against unauthorized access.
4. Working clothing:
Wear tightly fitting clothing and no rings or jewellery when working: loose clothing and rings or jewellery could be caught by moving parts.
5. Electrical parts:
Before connecting a device to the mains, check that it is switched off. Always pull out the plug before carrying repairs. Replace damaged or brittle connection cables and pull reliefs immediately. Protect cables from heat and sharp edges. Never pull plugs out of the socket by pulling on the cable. Never carry a device by the cable.
6. Workpieces:
Ensure that pipe and fitting are always located firmly in the clamping devices.
7. Danger of injury:
Beware of squashing when closing the clamps.
8. Danger of burning:
The metal parts on the heating element will have temperatures up to 300°C. Take precautions so that it is not possible to touch them. Keep inflammable materials at a safe distance away.
9. Spare parts:
Replace damaged parts immediately: protect electrical parts carefully. Dirt and moisture are very good electrical conductors. Use only original spare parts. Always state the machine number and version number when ordering spare parts.


Use only Wefatherm tools for welding of the Wefatherm pipe system.
Before starting assembly check the welding tools for impurities. If necessary clean tools with absorbent, lint-free and non-dyed paper and PP cleaner.
Replace worn out and damaged parts, specially tools with damaged coating.

Safety Instruction

The general industrial hygiene and accident prevention regulations of the particular country or state in which the device is to be used are to be observed.