Electrofusion welding

Electrofusion welding

Electrofusion weldingInstallation
1. Cut off the end of the pipe square and
Mark the welding depth of the coupler.

2. Prepare the pipe surface in the welding
area. Remove the oxidation layer in the
welding area, depth of the coupler
+ 0,5 cm processing surcharge. Use a rotary
scraper tool. Remove the chips without
touching the pipe surface.

3. Clean the pipe surface and the inside of the
coupler with absorbent, lint-free and nondyed
paper. Internal surface of the coupler
must not be scraped. The fitting should
only be taken out of the protection cover
when starting the installation.

4. Slide the coupler onto the pipe, free of
tension or stress up to the marking. Control
by prior marking. Secure the pipe against
dislocation, e.g. with a pipe clamp.
Connect the two welding cables to the
contact pins of the coupler and start the
welding process.

5. Only start the welding process when the
position of the pipes in the electrofusion
coupler is even.

At the end of the welding cycle wait for the cooling time. After the cooling time you can stress the electrofusion joint to the permissible operating pressure.

Electrofusion cooling time