Company history

Company history

Pioneers in PP-R pipe systemsCompany history of Wefatherm

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Company history of WefathermFrom mould maker to manufacturer of pipe and fittings
Since its foundation in 1988 by Peter Fassbender under the name Wefa Plastic gbR, Wefatherm has always been a pioneer in PP-R pipe systems that transformed the business model from production of fittings only into a system producer for water supply systems.

German engineering and global approach
An international distribution network was developed, including partnerships with many present group companies. In 1996 the first pipe was produced making the system approach possible. True to German engineering an R&D department was founded
with their own laboratory to cope with not only questions on Company history of Wefathermmaterial and product development but also PP-R production technology. The acquisition in 2001 by the present Aliaxis group opened additional growth opportunities, especially for the PP-R products. Ultimately in 2010 the production moved to Wunstorf to be able to cope with the demand.
The name Wefa Plastic GmbH changed to Wefatherm GmbH in 2012 when the export responsibility transferred to Akatherm BV.
Advanced mould and process technology
Wefatherm produces with a large number of automated moulding machines and extruders a growing volume of PP-R fittings, pipes and accessories for water supply systems. The fittings are produced with advanced moulds, securing high quality products with economics. WiCompany history of Wefathermth modern mould flow techniques the mould design is optimised before construction. Furthermore the production plant is equipped with extruders ensuing the latest German technology.
Wefatherm is certified according to ISO-9001 and ISO-14001. Aditionally an extensive number of national products and system approvals secure the highest quality standards.

From product to system innovation
In the development of Wefatherm innovative ideas have always been a guiding principle. Initially these ideas were based on injection moulding technology. For instance special connector fittings (brass-plastic) and the latest development: large bore
Company history of WefathermMeanwhile the system-approach has driven innovation more towards delivery of pipes and fittings consequently pushing the production of several kinds of PP-R based pipes: standard PP-R, PP-RCT, Stabi and fibre pipe.
For this purpose Wefatherm has built up an expertise and training resource aimed at optimising the performance of specialist water supply systems, material development and jointing. This know-how is shared with other group companies and also is input for the design software, enabling consulting engineers and contractors to easily draw and calculate water supply systems.

The history towards specialist water supply systems:

Time line Wefatherm

The company WEFA Plastic was founded by Peter Fassbender as a GbR in Attendorn/Sauerland. At  first only fittings were produced on 2 injection moulding machines.

The business’ form is changed to that of a limited liability company: WEFA Plastic Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH.

The pipe systems from WEFA are given a new name: Wefatherm.

Production is expanded: New injection moulding machines are taken into use.

The Wefatherm PP fittings acquire the DVGW certification in Germany.

Extrusion lines for Wefatherm PP standard pipes are taken into use. The fittings and pipe become a pipe system. The pipes are tested and approved by DVGW in Germany.

Pipe extrusion is expanded to include the aluminium-clad Stabi pipe.
The company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.

To accommodate the ever faster developments the R&D department is extended with the factory’s own laboratory.

The Wefatherm press multilayer pipe system is added to the product range.

Part of Etex Plastics (in 2003 renamed into Aliaxis).

The product range is extended with flexible pipe for hot & cold and heating applications including underfloor heating: Wefatherm Fix & Flex.

New logistics centre opened in Attendorn. Administration, stores and logistics, as well as the seminar centre, are brought together in the new building. The production and the laboratory remain at Benzstraße.

A new fibre pipeline goes into operation.
The new PP-RCT material is used for the first time.
The Wefatherm Grey & Green product range is expanded to 160 mm.
WefaKlim is presented to the public as the new generation of the fibre pipe, based on the new material PP-RCT.

Production and logistics moved to a new site in Wunstorf to accommodate the extra production capacity.
The product assortment is concentrated on the actual core competence PP-R . Market segments  as multi-layer pipe and underfloor heating are phased out.

The product lines of WEFA Plastic are integrated into the portfolio of Friatec AG, Building Services Division in Mannheim.

Incorporation of the international marketing and sales activities of Wefatherm PP-R pipe systems in the export sales office of Akatherm BV.
WEFA Plastic Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH seated in Attendorn officially relocated to Wunstorf and renamed in Wefatherm GmbH.

New corporate identity to celebrate and present the 25th anniversary of Wefatherm.



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