About specialist water supply systems

About specialist water supply systems

Protecting the source

Protecting the sourceWater is the source, not only of life but also of comfort. Creating a pipe system for supply is now more of an accomplishment than ever. Today, your clients are more demanding and end-user expectations are higher, while legislative and environmental compliance place additional pressures on construction teams.

Increasingly, water supply systems are called upon to go beyond basic supply to deal with drinking water, cooling and heating requiring special treatment.
This is Specialist Water Supply.
Wefatherm believes that acknowledging the specific challenges you face - and identifying the dedicated expertise and resources that are required to overcome them - is the first step to protect the source.

Together we can help you to ensure reliability.

Maintaining your reputation

Wefatherm drinking waterAs a Consulting Engineer, your reputation depends on ensuring the water supply system you want installed delivers the expected quality and comfort.

When installing water supply systems, your position near the completion of a project increases the pressure on getting the job done on time and on budget.

Through specialist water supply Wefatherm offers you the reassurance of providing the right solution to tackle even the most complex challenges and realise the outcome you want - without being a slave to the services or limited by the cost of high performance components.

For confidence, not compromise.